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Respiratory Mechanics Modules

(for Patient Spirometry)

TreyMed's OEM Respiratory Mechanics system is a small, low power and fully digital system that is available with or without a purge.


The system utilizes a proprietary smart connector which interfaces to the disposable EZ-Flow flow sensor.  This chassis mount connector tells the system that a sensor is properly placed, identifies the type of sensor and maintains tubing polarity.


  • The module is based upon a Philips 80C51 XA 16 bit microprocessor.

  • Pressures are measured by two piezoresistive bridge based differential pressure transducers: 5 H2O and 5 psi ranges. These transducers are internally compensated for temperature, but additional compensation is made from a digital temperature device on the board, placed between the transducers.

  • The system utilizes a 24 bit A/D converter to interface transducer output to the microprocessor. The standard system has two micro-solenoid valves for atmospheric zeroing and the optional purge function.

  • Power regulation on the board allows for input voltages to range from 4V - 9V. The purge system consumes approximately 1000mW.

  • Bi-directional RS232 serial communication is used to interface to the module. The specific protocol is available upon request.

  • Clearance above the board can be no less than 0.6 inch; below board clearance needed is 0.4 inch.

  • The purge system is for long term, continuous monitoring - purgeless for less than four hours of monitoring. The purge function maintains pressure line patency.

The Respiratory Mechanics Module is available for evaluation and product development by purchasing our Respiratory Mechanics Evaluation Kit.




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