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Volumetric Capnography

and Metabolic Monitoring Products


Volume capnography is a promising non-invasive, inexpensive, breath by breath measurement that has the potential to become an indispensable bedside monitoring tool that can guide the therapeutic process of mechanically ventilated critically ill patients. The better understanding of the pathophysiology of the acutely injured lung on the one hand and the increasing knowledge about the kinetics of CO2-exchange on the other has created a growing interest in this technology. Volume capnography provides information about the changes in the lung’s condition and might therefore allow for improved monitoring of complex ventilatory interventions such as lung recruitment and PEEP titration. In addition, the bedside assessment of VD helps to identify patients at risk with uneven modes of ventilation and to evaluate their response to different ventilatory strategies. Further studies will help define the true role of volumetric capnography in clinical decision making.1



Metaphor™ OEM Module


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Metabolic Monitor

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1  F. Suarez-Sipmann, G. Tusman and S. H. Böhm, Volumetric Capnography for Monitoring Lung Function During Mechanical Ventilation,  Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Volume 2006.


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