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About Our Company

TreyMed Corporate Office


Manufacturing Center


TreyMed, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 with the mission to design and manufacture intelligent and affordable respiratory monitoring sensors and devices.  We have designed our own proprietary, patented sensor systems which are available as OEM components, and we offer complete monitors which utilize these sensors.  We manufacture sensors for two basic areas of respiratory care: gas analysis and airway flow/pressure.  From these basic measurements, many parameters related to a patient's cardiovascular and respiratory health can be calculated.


TreyMed has grown to become a leading supplier of respiratory care products around the world.  We successfully compete for OEM business by providing excellent quality products at lower cost with faster technical support and service.

We are located at:

   TreyMed, Inc.

   N56 W24790 N. Corporate Cir.

   Unit C

   Sussex, WI  53089


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TreyMed, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with products, services and technology of the highest quality and value.  Our intention is to achieve this by continuous improvement of our products, processes, and services.

Our employees are an integral part of this process and are obligated to make this policy a success.  In turn, TreyMed shall provide our employees with the training, resources, and leadership necessary to enable their success.

Robert H. Ricciardelli




TreyMed is a leading designer and manufacturer of respiratory care products and services.

We are a major supplier of OEM medical sensors and modules

to companies all over the world.

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