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Capnography Evaluation Kit

The Capnography Evaluation Kit was designed to provide the medical device manufacturer with all the tools necessary to incorporate our CO2 Module into their new or existing products.  The Kit includes:

  • One Full-Featured CO2 Module

  • Module-to-PC Serial Port Interface

  • 120Vac-to-5Vdc Power Supply

  • One Sample Line with Airway Adapter

  • One Sample Line with Nasal Cannula

  • Windows-based Demonstration Software

  • Detailed Implementation Guide with Communication Protocol


In a typical example, a patient monitor manufacturer desires to add CO2 monitoring to a family of products.  After researching the capnography market, the manufacturer decides that a sidestream CO2 system is necessary so that non-intubated as well as intubated patients can be served by the new parameter.


The manufacturer finds our website and decides to purchase the CO2 Evaluation Kit and a CO2 Sensor Simulator.  The PC software is loaded, and the engineers begin to evaluate the functionality of the CO2 Module.  Below is a screen capture of the demonstration software.



After observing the basic functionality of the CO2 Module, the engineers begin to plan the integration of the Module into the final product.  The engineers use the Communication Protocol included with the Kit to send commands and observe responses from the Module.  The CO2 Sensor Simulator assisted the evaluation effort by providing a way to generate various patient waveforms, breath rates and error conditions.


The manufacturer decides to proceed with the product development, and places an order for more CO2 Modules to build prototypes and clinical test units.  The following checklist is faxed back to TreyMed Inc. to customize the Modules for the desired implementation.


Click on the picture above to load the larger PDF file


In addition to the choices on the Configuration Checklist, many other custom options are available:

  • a variety of vacuum pumps (low-cost, long-life, very long-life, from various suppliers)

  • low-cost CO2 Module (no calibration valve or flowrate control)

  • male or female interface connectors

  • CO2 Scrubber for clean air offset calibration

  • 5-micron filters for intake ports

  • disk filter receptacle with patented detection system

TreyMed looks forward to working with you on your next Capnography project!


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