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OEM Sensors & Modules


CO2 Module

Our most popular OEM product.  Low cost and high performance.

EZ-FLOW Airway Flow Sensors

Our patented flow sensors are designed for neonate through adult applications.

Respiratory Mechanics Module

Advanced data acquisition system for use with EZ-FLOW sensors.


CO2 Sensors

The world's most highly integrated, yet smallest, NDIR sensors for capnography.

Have a unique application?  Need to find a new OEM supplier?

   Low cost capnography

   Ventilator management

   Intubation safety

   Conscious sedation

   Sleep diagnostics

   Metabolic monitoring

TreyMed can customize its OEM products to satisfy your difficult medical device requirements.

New Products


Volumetric  CO2 and Metabolic monitoring.  Our Fast CO2, O2, and Flow make it possible.

(Currently not for sale in the U.S.)

Metaphor™ Module

Complete metabolic monitoring in an OEM format!

CO2 Sensor Simulator

Plug our Simulator into the CO2 Module and generate your own CO2 waveforms and breath rates without gases!

News and Events

CardioPulmonary Technologies, Inc. becomes TreyMed!

On August 16th, we officially announced our new corporate name.

press release

50,000 CO2 Sensors and Growing!

TreyMed shipped Serial Number 50000 to a customer in July 2012.

Learn why our CO2 products are the right choice for your capnography project.

International Distributors

We are pleased to announce two OEM product distributors in Asia:

-Beijing Biotester (Beijing, China)

-Helix Corporation (Bangalore, India)

TreyMed welcomes GE Healthcare Ltd.

GE Healthcare Ltd. (New Zealand) joins our growing list of OEM customers.

Meet us at the AARC in 2023

American Association for

Respiratory Care.

November 5-7 in Nashville!

Please visit our booth in the main exhibition hall, #417.


TreyMed is a leading designer and manufacturer of respiratory care

products and services.  We are a major supplier of OEM medical sensors and modules

to companies all over the world.

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